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Steve Bass

Steve Bass

Bass Foundation for Charities

In our great nation, with such opportunities for successful business and blessings of life, there are also many needs. My wife Kim and I have learned through the years how important it is to give back to those less fortunate than us. It is our belief that one of the secrets to our success comes from the opportunity we have to give. As our giving increased, so has our business and our ability to give.

Someday Miss Kim and I will leave behind a legacy. It is important to us to be remembered as entrepreneurs who built a business on trust and integrity, but more importantly, we want to be remembered for being good parents and grandparents, and for making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Through our foundation we have the opportunity to reach our friends and customers and give them the opportunity to also give back to the community, without any administrative cost or salaries to chip away at the dollars given. Small donations can really add up to make a big difference.

The first charity our business gave to and became passionate about was the Al Menah paper sale to benefit Shriners Hospitals for Children. We have not missed a year since 1987. As the years have gone by, we have grown to give to over 30 other charities.

That giving back is why the Bass Foundation for Charities is so important to our family and the community.

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